(Distributed Data Integrity Verification System)

BITONE is a blockchain network that allows numerous audit nodes to verify the integrity of data through the self-developed 2DIVS system and stores the verified data in the block chain in the IPFS method.

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Leading the proliferation of the integrity data ecosystem

The BITONE project focuses on realistic technology that can be easily and quickly applied offline and online to services in operation in designing a perfectly decentralized data integrity verification technology.

It provides a Web API to support HTML5 games and web services, and provides the Unity3d SDK, which is the most used for game development, so that many developers can use blockchain technology easily.

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Blockchain-based electronic voting

BITONE COIN provides B.V.C (Bio Voting Contractor) to secure the reliability of online voting, and provides API for easy integration into existing online services.

Support for B2O services via NFT

the B2O (Blockchain To Offline) market is developed that guarantees the integrity of offline product data and trusts the NFT technology and B.D.C (BIO Distribute Contractor) provided by BITONE COIN

Blockchain-based RNG function

B.R.C (BIO RNG CONTRACTOR), which is basically provided in BITONE COIN, solves the reliability problem by including game participants in the process of deriving the RNG result value.

Blockchain-based distribution function

BITONE COIN protects user assets by escrowing coins or tokens commonly used by game operators through B.D.C technology supported for B2O service, and guarantees real-time data integrity through B.H.G (BIO Hash Generator).

BITONE's groundbreaking MINING SYSTEM

Node Operation

BITONE blocks are created by miners who verify data (POV=Proof of Verification) and miners who store data (POS=Proof of storage) in the blockchain

Double Rewards Method

The amount of compensation is set in the PoS (Proof Of Stkae) method, which is proof of stake, and the PoT (Proof Of Time) method, which proves the time spent staking.
BITONE's unique double reward system, it is a system to provide additional rewards to users who have been staking for a long time through PoT. At this time, the user gets a chance to receive up to 10 times the reward

(Stake Amount * Deposit Time = Mining Amount)


Users store data and consume coins to ensure integrity, and miners earn coins by storing data and ensuring integrity. In addition, bitone coins can be acquired through coin staking, and the amount of compensation is set in the Proof Of Stake method and the Proof Of Time method.

  • 23,500,000

    Total Supply

  • 985,000

    Mining Pool Incentives

How contractors work in BITONE network

BITONE has major contractors, and 2DIVS is realized through these contractors.

B.V.C : BIO Voting Contractor

B.D.C : BIO Distribute Contractor

B.R.C : BIO RNG Contractor

B.H.G : BIO Hash Genrator

Our Main Road Map

  • November 2021
    White Paper released
  • December 2021
    BITONE Pre-sale
    BITONE Wallet Open (TRC-20)
  • 1Q 2022
    Listing on global exchange
    Launch BIO Mining Service
  • 3Q 2022
    Open BIO contractor

    BIO Distribute Contractor

    BIO RNG Contractor

    BIO Hash Generator

    BIO DID Manager

  • 4Q 2022
    Mainnet Test
  • 4Q 2023
    Mainnet Open
    Announcement of Dapp environment

Partnered with Innovative Globally

BITONE has various partnerships with many global companies. Through partnership/collaboration, BITONE will become a leading player in the online game data verification system and the B2O business field in which the block chain and offline are linked.


  • CTO

    Vincent Ralph Sy

    Blockchain Software Engineer
    Cyber Security (CFI)
    Full-stack Developers

  • CEO

    Ann Gabrielle Santos

    Project Manager / Business Analyst
    Director of Business Development

  • CMO

    Edward Calvelo

    Calvelo Multimedia
    Creatives INC.

  • CFO

    Joshua Tampico

    Project Accountant Development Finance

  • COO

    Ivy Zingapan

    Anti Money Laundering (AML) Analyst ACAMS certificate


  • Ignacio Moreno Fermandez

    Deputy Managemer - Development of the National Mining Company
    The Genaral Managemer - Minera Cerro Dominador
    Undersecretary of Mining - Chille

  • Kyung San Han

    Vice President - Korea Life esteem Law Institute (KLELI)
    President - DIAOYUTAI Korea Business center
    President - Uniyoung Consulitng, a national disaster and safety education institution


  • Jr. Lang It

    CEO - HIP TV, INC., Paranaque, Philippines/

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